Touchmedia Launched Two New Services: Points Collecting and Taxi ID Record

Shanghai, Mar.5, 2015, Thursday /---When you’re taking a taxi, if there is a media platform allowing you to get e-commerce coupons effortlessly as well as Taxi ID( taxi license plate number) simultaneously, as long as you interact with the screen, isn’t this making your leisure time in taxi much more joyful?

Following the previous “in-Taxi Charger” service being widely acclaimed, Touchmedia ,the largest in-taxi interactive media company in China, also launched “Touch Fun Points” membership service, which allows passengers to collect reward points and convert them to e-coupons by interacting with Touchmedia. Another friendly convenient service “Taxi ID Record” function has also been launched to facilitate passengers to get back their lost property.

【Touch Fun Points】Membership Service:Your Mobile Shopping Magic Weapon

Nowadays increasingly rapid pace of urban life has implanted “shopping with mouse” into people's daily life. Touchmedia and YIHAODIAN now firstly reach a consensus, allows urban professionals to utilize their leisure time in taxis to gain e-coupons while relaxing and entertaining, which is certainly the mobile shopping magic weapon for them.

taxi ID

Each time after interacting with the screen, as long as they are followers of Touchmedia wechat service account, they can save the interactive points into their own wechat member account via clicking the “Touch Fun Points” button on the top right corner of the screen or waiting for the end of this ride, and then scanning the pop-up QR code on the screen. When those points reach to a certain amount, they are able to exchange various special offers through wechat at any time. Currently, e-coupons of YIHAODIAN are available, and in the future there’ll be more discount deals from other joining partners.

【Taxi ID Record】Function:Ease Ride, Safe Travel

Sometimes busy urban professionals are inevitably forgetful while taking a taxi in a rush. When they suddenly find out their items left in the taxi after getting off the taxi, this really brings lots of trouble and inconvenience to them. Therefore, based on passenger’s demand, Touchmedia launched this friendly convenience service---“Taxi ID Record” function.  As long as passengers scan QR code by phone charging or points collecting during their interaction with the screen, this taxi’s license plate number will be automatically recorded to their Touchmedia wechat account for them to check at any time.


Micky Fung, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Touchmedia says: “As the first outdoor tech-media in China, the most remarkable difference between us and traditional media is various interactive functions and friendly services that we can offer to the audience. From the passengers’ view, we have launched “in-Taxi Charger” service, “Touch Fun Points” membership service and “Taxi ID Record” function, with the aim to allow busy urban passengers  enjoying a richer information, experiencing more friendly service and facilitating their lives as best as we can . "