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Touchmedia: Your Mobile Outdoor Media

Touchmedia is China's leading in-taxi interactive media company. Our focus is an interactive touchscreen system for headrests in taxis. Touchmedia is now transforming from simple outdoor media into a tech-media company with mobile channel and smart data. The company will provide diversified mobile service network to taxi passengers, based on our unique advantages of interactive technology, location based services and outdoor digital media network. Touchmedia is striving for the combination with interactive technology of mobile phone terminal, to develop a richer marketing service mode with the accumulation of smart data base; and then to complete the effective transformation from ‘passenger - member - consumer', so as to create a closed-loop business model integrating O2O and smart consumption data.

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Our Resource:


Media Coverage and Passenger Demographics

1. 50,000 units in taxis so far

2. 7 cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Qingdao and Hong Kong

3. 70 million passengers per month, with average 22 minutes per trip

4. 69% of taxi passengers are aged from 25 to 44 years old, located in tier 1 cities

Our Product, Services and Content


Product and Services: 

Touchmedia has launched several brand new products with functionality and serviceability, which is passenger-oriented and valuable for advertisers.


Touchmedia now is focusing on lifestyle, travel, tech, emotions, people and fun content that passengers can interact and explore by themselves, which fully demonstrated the core value of media, so as to enhance passenger engagement and media image.

Our Value:The Effective Transformation from ‘Passenger - Member - Consumer'

Better Targeted, More Effective:

1. Better targeting by interacting , so as to achieve great brand awareness, recall and response

2. Brand information delivered efficiently through interaction with smart phones, both in-taxi or off-taxi

3. Understand the behavior and preferences of passengers by analysis of the data, so as to improve the accuracy of advertising